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Tailgater Approved !

  Wisconsin Sausage  ~

  • Buffalo Wing w/ Blue Cheese Bratwurst
  • Cajun Bratwurst
  • Chicken Bratwurst
  • Chicken Tomato & Basil Bratwurst
  • Chili Bratwurst
  • Chorizo Bratwurst
  • Cranberry Bratwurst
  • Door County Cherry Bratwurst
  • Fresh Polish Style Bratwurst
  • Garlic Bratwurst

 Wholesale Bratwurst

  • German Style Bratwurst
  • Greek Style Bratwurst
  • Hawaiian Style Bratwurst
  • Hungarian Style Bratwurst
  • Italian Hot Bratwurst
  • Italian Sausage Bratwurst
  • Jalapeno Bratwurst
  • Jalapeno & Cheddar Bratwurst
  • Jamaican Jerk Bratwurst
  • Mushroom & Swiss Bratwurst

~   German Sausage

  • Onion & Garlic Bratwurst
  • Pineapple Bratwurst
  • Reuben Bratwurst
  • Russian Style Bratwurst
  • Sauerkraut Bratwurst
  • Sheboygan Style Bratwurst
  • Supreme Pizza Bratwurst
  • Texas BBQ Bratwurst
  • Turkey Bratwurst
  • Wisconsin Style Original Bratwurst

Wisconsin Fresh Gourmet Bratwurst is the only Wisconsin Bratwurst

Tailgater Approved !

Wisconsin started the Bratwurst craze across the Country and it started with German Sausage. If you need true German Sausage, you need Wisconsin's only real German Sausage, Wisconsin Fresh Gourmet Sausage

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When you ask, where can I buy Wholesale Brats
When you ask, where can I buy Wholesale Bratwurst
When you ask, where can I buy Wholesale Brat Patties
When you ask, where can I buy Wholesale German Sausage
When you ask, where can I buy Wholesale German Bratwurst

When you ask, where can I buy Wholesale Wisconsin Brats
When you ask, where can I buy Wholesale Wisconsin Bratwurst
When you ask, where can I buy Wholesale Bratwurst Chicago
When you ask, where can I buy Wholesale Gourmet Food
When you ask, where can I buy the best Wisconsin Brats Wholesale
When you ask, where can I buy the best Wisconsin Bratwurst Wholesale


The only right answer is. . .Wisconsin Fresh Gourmet Foods

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 Nobody can beat a Wisconsin Brat and nobody does Wisconsin Brats better than Wisconsin Fresh. Give your customer Fresh Gourmet Foods That Only Taste Expensive! Give your  customers the best, give them Wisconsin Fresh Wisconsin Bratwurst.

 Wholesale Wisconsin Bratwurst is a staple for any Retail Store selling meats. These are the perfect Wholesale Food for Restaurants and Bars. Your Grocer's will love that we come and  sample our Gourmet Foods right in their Grocery Store's. Our Gourmet Wisconsin Bratwurst will outsell the National Brands 5 to 1.

Wisconsin Fresh is the only Brand of  Gourmet Wholesale Wisconsin Bratwurst. Our Brand of Gourmet Wisconsin Brat are second to none.
Bump up your sales with the Wisconsin Fresh Brand of Gourmet Foods. Our Gourmet Foods will entice your customers with 40 Gourmet Flavors of Wholesale Wisconsin Bratwurst and   our eye catching and attractive packaging. Allow Wisconsin Fresh to Serve your Wholesale Distribution Bratwurst need with our Gourmet Wisconsin Foods.

Wisconsin Fresh Gourmet Foods outsell other brands 4 to 1 every time. Gourmet Wisconsin Bratwurst sell very well in;

  • Grocery Stores
  • C - Stores
  • Camp Ground Commissaries
  • Restaurants
  • Bars / Sports Bars / Pubs
  • Specialty Stores
  • Gourmet Stores
  • Deli's

Wisconsin Fresh wholesale pricing allows your business to meet or beat your price points needed, maximizing your store profits.
Give us a call, e-mail us either way we will be glad to bring your samples of our Gourmet Wisconsin Bratwurst.

Don't forget about our other Wisconsin Fresh Gourmet Foods. Wisconsin Gourmet Brat Patties are tops on the Grocery List. Let us come into your Grocery Store and show you how our   products outsell National Brands. Our Gourmet Foods have the Gourmet Taste, Gourmet Quality and of course Gourmet Freshness that your customers will come back for time and    again.

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 Wisconsin Bratwurst  ~

  • Andouille Sausage 
  • Apple Bratwurst
  • BLT Bratwurst
  • Bacon Cheddar Bratwurst
  • Beer Bratwurst
  • Bell Pepper & Mozzarella Bratwurst
  • Bell Pepper & Onion Bratwurst
  • Blueberry Bratwurst
  • Breakfast Bratwurst
  • Buffalo Wing Bratwurst